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Inbox Blueprint Review - Hey guys, Stan P. Handsome guy to the right, here from Seo Fully Loaded. I am a website designer SEO consultant for hundreds of clients, not a typo. I've been online marketing successfully for over 7 years now. I came across this JV opportunity that Anik Singal is offering with the launch of Inbox Blueprint. I'm not going to praise Inbox Blueprint and say it's the best course online because it's not. Anik is responsible for many powerful launches and most importantly, internet marketing courses that change the lives of 10's of 1000's of people. The only concern I would have with any of Anik Singal courses is the price point. Usually an average cost of $500 is the norm. I purchased a course from Anik about 5 years go and the content in the course is actually still relevant today. I was a little concerned as it wasn't as good as I thought and after spending $500+ I never received my refund. So I wasn't too happy about that. But I took that opportunity to implement what the course had taught and I was kind of glad that I got shafted. If you've purchased any info product online then you know just how short lived those products really are!

My suggestion if you're still shopping is to avoid things that say newest Google loophole, 1 click software, or anything similar is usually very short lived. On a positive note, Inbox Blueprint isn't a fly by night course and Anik spent a lot of time working putting Inbox Blueprint together. I advise you to watch the sales video and just see how sincere this guy is and you'll get the same piece of mine as I did doing business with Anik, if you don't intend on getting a refund.
But I did buy Inbox Blueprint and I do have to say customer is very professional and I loved the support team. I emailed Inbox Blueprint support just to see the steps to get a refund and Steve from support was going to process it right on the spot no questions asked, I felt pretty good about that. The majority of Anik Singal products are BIB's which stands for Business in a Box. So just to be clear Inbox Blueprint is a Business in a Box! You get a complete business, ready to go and start earning money online. If this is your first product or attempt to make money online, you've made a great decision to do your homework. But I personally feel if you're just starting out and don't know the basics such as what seo, ppc, ppv, epc, open rate, ctr or what any of that stuff means then this isn't the right course for you. Inbox Blueprint is a more of an seasoned beginner or an intermediate internet marketer course. Anik is very good at delivering training, but this involves an investment and some knowledge of internet marketing , so if you lack thereof, you most likely not benefit from

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Inbox Blueprint
Inbox Blueprint. However there are a handful of introductory course that several successful internet marketers, including myself, that have gave us the stepping stones we needed to make our first sale online. For me, Bring the Fresh was a course that brought me back from the dead. I'll try not to get off top here. I started making making money with Rich Jerk back in early 2005 and got lazy. Then I started marketing with a twist and my own style in 2006 that didn't work out as well as I wanted. But I kept at it as I was making around $250 a day on average, sometimes less and sometimes more. I was doing that until Google changed their algorithm in 2007 and my sites tanked. All 6 websites disappeared and took my then $300-$500 a day with it! So I was forced to get a job as I couldn't figure out why my sites weren't ranking anymore. Then after I completely given up, Kelly Felix who was secretly known as the Rich Jerk launched Bring the Fresh. Now Bring the Fresh is the single most  best investment you can make if you're serious about making money online. It's an introductory seo course than teaches you the basics about seo, but there are several advanced modules to the course. The best value  in the course  to me was the  Bring the Fresh members only forum. So many people willing to help you succeed online, quite frankly if you fail, it's because you dont' want to succeed online, it's that beneficial!
Inbox Blueprint just like every course has it's pro's and con's. There was never any product that I ever purchased and reviewed that was a 10 out of 10. Every course has a weakness and Inbox Blueprint has quite a few. So I'll go through the Pro's first. Inbox Blueprint Pro's So after you purchase Inbox Blueprint you are get access to the members area where Anik has recorded several videos to help you succeed with Inbox Blueprint. The welcome video is very unique as Anik seems really concerned with your success and you feel like he's really talking to you one and one, like the course was made especially for you. In the Inbox Blueprint members area all the videos are organized in order and aren't too long so you don't lose interest. Inbox Blueprint teaches you how to create an email list with zero (0) subscribers. What I like most about the course is that Anik gets right to the point and sets you on the path of success rather quickly. I can't stress the fact that the money is in the list, so why would you want to learn from anyone else how to build and market to your list? Anik Singal did over $10,000,000 from email marketing, who else do you know that made $10,000,000 from sending emails? So what are the con's about Inbox Blueprint? Well Anik is a smooth talker and I've included a video above about FREE TRAINING! The con isn't really with the course, it's with the affiliates promoting this offer. There's going to be a ton of people offering you bonuses and all kinds of crap that you don't need. Please avoid that and get your money's worth. I will provide my time as a added bonus. Thank you for reading my Inbox Blueprint Review.
Inbox Blueprint Review by Stanford Pelage
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